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A short highlight reel showing video I've shot in 2016/17, edited by me. More video can be found on my youtube.


A small selection of photos I've taken over the years. My favourite subjects are art and architecture, but I try to be an allrounder. More of my photography can be found on my flickr.



it me

Hi! I'm Esther, a (day)dreamer with a strong affinity for cool tech, film, space and the colour turquoise.

I am currently a student at Avans Hogeschool Breda, specializing in Creative Technology and Multimedia Design. In my free time I like to make cool things with my friends, ranging anywhere from costumes to tech thingies. I am a (mostly) self-taught photographer and video editor, and recently picked up coding and arduino. At the moment I'm doing a minor in Film at Solent University in Southampton.

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