Project Duration

8 weeks

Roles in this project

group leader / camera / sound design


#concept #video #storytelling #sound

Change: an unofficial commercial for Trouw

We were assigned to make a commercial for an existing dutch newspaper. We chose Trouw, since most of us were familiar with this newspaper.

First up was a lot of research on the mission statement and history of Trouw. Stacks of desk research and multiple interviews later we ended up centring our concept around the theme of Change. Trouw is constantly changing to keep up with the times, and yet is still the same in their focus on providing facts and leaving the readers to reach their own conclusions.

In the commercial, the viewer is told from multiple sources how the world keeps changing. Trouw, however, wants to question this statement by providing a different point of view. I decided to construct the audio for the video from multiple famous speeches about change. These speeches are all by very different people, in very different times. This shows how, in a way, some things always stay the same.

We decided to support the audio with timelapses. These timelapses are all shot in The Hague, the political capital of the Netherlands. These timelapses show constant movement, but if you look long enough it turns out these movements always happen in a certain pattern.