Project Duration

1 week (5 days)

Roles in this project

though most of this project was done together, I had a bigger role in camera and editing


#concept #video #editing

The Void: Untitled

“When different types of people come together, something like a chemical reaction takes place. The combination of disciplines creates a void in which anything can happen.”

For this project the assignment was to create something to visualize the theme ‘Void’, in this case related to Communication and Multimedia Design and how it floats in a void between the subjects of art, communication and technology.

My partner and me were toying with the idea of using science to visualize this, since chemical reactions are a constant movement, changed by the different chemicals they encounter. Sadly, it turned out we would not be able to film actual scientific processes, so we ended up simulating things that would look like they were. This took a lot trial and error, and most of all a lot of time. The end product is a 10-minute long film which puts the viewer in a trance-like state, as they watch liquids swirl around in nothingness. Exceeding our expectations, most visitors ended up watching the entire video. Some even watched it multiple times.

We are currently considering remaking this project to fix some errors and make the whole look more professional. Sadly we have not had time to do this yet.